You are clear that your next holiday is Valencia, but you want a different option. It is not your intention schedules subject you to a hotel, you also want to feel at home without forgetting that you could use a cheaper accommodation. In that case, the best option certainly a cheap apartment. In that case, the best option certainly a cheap apartment.

Advantages of staying in a cheap apartment



Clearly this type of apartments are cheaper than other alternatives. But we can also save some of the money we would spend if we had to eat in restaurants or at the hotel



In an apartment we have more privacy and are in addition to our air, we have to subject ourselves to schedule regarding meals or cleaning like a hotel room.



For many travel without their animals it is unacceptable. But are in many cases with the handicap that few hotels accept this kind of guests in an apartment do not usually have this problem.



You will have more space divided into different units, which will give you some different possibilities to those of a hotel. You can enjoy the common rooms with your family or friends while you have your room for more privacy.



In a hotel room with our partner we will be at most two other members of our family and all in one room. However in an apartment we can have all our space but at the same time share vacations with family and friends.

Cheap apartments featured

Tips to rent a cheap apartment

  • Flee bargains. It is true that we looking for the best price, but what you think is too cheap to be true, it probably is not.
  • Contract. Signing a contract protects both parties when a business becomes, in this case too.
  • Secure payment. No payment efectúes apartment anyway, always do it using a secure method.
  • Owner. Make sure you’re always dealing with the apartment owner or whom he has appointed.

What to see in Valencia?

City of Arts and Sciences

With the aquarium Oceanogràfic as one of its main attractions.

 Turia Gardens

With a distance of 9 kilometers.

 Malvarrosa Beach

The most important of the city and a must visit.